Sunday, February 22, 2009


My greatest fear as a child was being separated from my parents when I was somewhere with them. When I would go to the store with my parents I would tend to wander away from my parents, to look at what I thought would be fun and exciting. One great example of this was when i was about 7 I was walking around Target with my mom and saw something I thought looked interesting so with out saying anything I wandered away from my mom and she didn't notice. After I was done looking at what I found interesting I started looking for my mom and began to cry. After looking for a while I heard my name said over the intercom to go to the front of the stored turns out my mom was looking for me the whole time too. If I were in the situation of the boys in Lord of the Flies I would be scared out of my mind of being separated from the rest of the boys.

Friday, January 30, 2009

I beleive that the technology we used will be useful in my future. Although some of it is redundent it is helpful and a good way to learn and share information!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Daggers In Mens Smiles

It was an early Saturday morning in late August before I started my freshman year during the New Richmond football team’s inner squad scrimmage. I was the only freshman to show up to the scrimmage because it wasn’t required because we wouldn’t be allowed to play because it was more for the coaches to decide who was going to play on Varsity and who would play on the Junior Varsity team. But I figured it would be fun to go watch and maybe play a little on the scout team. I wasn’t aware that there was going to be a very difficult conditioning period prior to the scrimmage, during this period I was with mostly seniors all of them a lot bigger, faster, and stronger than I was so I was very intimidated. In the beginning of the period it was just speed, agility, and condition drills. After us players were separated into position group I played on the offensive line so I had to go against all of the biggest and strongest kids. At first we were only doing form drills but then we started getting into contact drills I tried as long as I could to stay towards the back of the line but once I got to the front I was forced to go against Adam Nirmaier and Israel Neumann two of the biggest seniors on the team needless to say the kicked my scrawny little butt. I gave Coach Hutter and Jamieson a look and they both just shrugged their shoulders and smiled. I got up angry that the coaches would just let me go out there just to get my butt kicked. The rest of the position oriented period went about the same way me going out just to get worked over and end up on my back. But as it went on the anger in the coaches kept building up and on one of the last drills I got a good pop on one of the seniors and my confidence went through the roof. After the individual period we got into the team scrimmage I didn’t play until about half way through the scrimmage when Tyler Hansen dislocated his finger and they needed another Center I thought about the confidence that I started gaining during the drills seeing that I could do handle it if I tried hard enough. Once we started going I didn’t seem to have any issues handling myself I wasn’t necessarily winning the battle but I wasn’t getting beat. After the scrimmage Coach Hutter wanted to talk to me and he told me that he wouldn’t have made me do any of it if he didn’t think I could do it. So the Shakespeare saying “There’s daggers in men’s smiles” to me isn’t always a bad thing sometimes you just need that extra little push to get you going.